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Tips For Maintaining Your Backyard Water Feature

Transforming your backyard into a tranquil oasis with a water feature is a rewarding endeavour but maintaining its allure requires strategic care. As December ushers in its unique challenges with temps regularly hitting the 30s, our guide unveils four essential tips for maintaining your backyard water feature, ensuring it remains a source of serenity.

From routine cleaning practices to innovative strategies for sustaining circulation, hopefully, these insights will give you the promise of a vibrant and thriving aquatic haven. Dive into the expertise to safeguard your water feature’s health…

1. Regular Cleaning

Clean fountains every one to three months, adding algae-reducing additives. Deep clean larger features biannually, inspecting for leaks. Weekly pond skimming is vital.

2. Sustain Circulation

Keep water circulating, preventing algae and mosquito issues. Aerated ponds attract wildlife. Consult an aquarist for fish aeration needs, and consider insectivorous fish to control mosquitos.

3. Monitor Pumps

Regularly check pumps for clogs; clear debris from filters. Address any water level changes or odd pump noises promptly. Store winterized pumps indoors, especially for pondless features.

4. Provide Shade

Mitigate evaporation and algae risks by shading your feature. Add shade plants to non-shaded pond perimeters, covering around 60% of the water surface.

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