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Fix A Leaking Tap

As professional plumbers, we encounter numerous leaking taps throughout our week. Today, we want to provide you with some valuable insights into this common issue, shedding light on the steps involved in resolving it. While we won’t reveal all the trade secrets, consider this a sneak peek into the world of how to fix a leaking tap.

  1. Assessing the Situation: When faced with a leaking tap, the first step is to assess the severity of the problem. Is it a minor drip or a steady leak? Examining the tap closely will help determine the underlying cause and potential solutions.
  2. Turning Off the Water: Before diving into any repair work, it’s crucial to turn off the water supply to the tap. Locate the shut-off valve near the affected tap or use the main water supply if necessary. This simple step ensures a safe and controlled environment for the repair process.
  3. Disassembling the Tap: Repairing a leaking tap often involves disassembling its components. By carefully removing the handle, spout, and cartridge, we gain access to the internal parts that may be causing the leak. Here, the magic of fixing begins.
  4. Identifying the Culprit: While I won’t divulge the precise techniques used to identify the cause of the leak, suffice it to say that our experienced eyes can quickly detect the problem. Whether it’s a worn-out washer, a faulty O-ring, or a damaged cartridge, finding the culprit is crucial for effective repairs.
  5. Applying the Right Solutions: Once the issue is identified, professional plumbers employ various tried-and-true techniques and specialised tools to address the problem. This stage involves careful adjustments, replacements, or repairs that bring the tap back to its optimal functionality.
  6. Reassembling and Testing: With the necessary fixes made, we meticulously reassemble the tap, ensuring each component is properly aligned and tightened. Once reassembled, it’s time for the moment of truth – the testing phase. Turning on the water supply, we eagerly observe if the leak has been fixed.

While this overview provides a glimpse into the world of how to fix a leaking tap, it only scratches the surface of a plumber’s expertise. Repairing a leaking tap requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and finesse that only professionals possess. If you find yourself facing a persistent leak, it’s always advisable to seek the assistance of a skilled plumber who can bring their expertise to bear and ensure a reliable, long-lasting solution.

If you don’t have the time or just want a licensed plumbing professional to fix the problem, then get in contact with your local Pro Plumber. You’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your repair’s been completed by a professional and as always, we offer our fixed or free guarantee – which means if we can’t fix it, you don’t pay for it!