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An irrigation system will allow you to efficiently water your garden or lawn with minimal effort and maximum results. Our automated systems even allow this to be done completely hands-free.


What is some common irrigation work we do?

After years of installing, repairing and upgrading irrigation systems, you could say Pro Plumber have seen it all. Here are some of the jobs we do on a regular basis:

  • Install new irrigation systems
  • Irrigation stops working
  • Poor pressure or inconsistent pressure
  • Problems with sprinkler heads
  • Scheduling/programming problems in electronic irrigation systems 
  • Adding additional sprinklers to existing irrigation systems

If any of these sound like things you want done in your home, contact Pro Plumber for a free quote. Scroll down and read through a bunch of helpful tips and insights into irrigation systems and some of the issues you might experience.

Irrigation basics

Most people are time-poor with so many commitments these days. Automating your watering systems gives you time back in your day. It also waters your garden and lawn at the most effective time of the day, conserving water by switching on at night or early morning when the water can penetrate the soil without it evaporating into the atmosphere.

It’s a more economical use of water and of your time!

Automated systems allow you to be hands-free while your gardens and lawns get the right amount of water they require.  Irrigation systems can run off your mains pressure water service or from a tank and pump set up. 

Types of irrigation

We’re skilled at matching the different plant groups in your garden to different watering methods. There are several different types of irrigation systems, each one has a different purpose. Here are a few examples:

  • Drippers are used for shrubs and ground cover.
  • Micro-sprays for flower beds, garden beds, shrubs and ground cover.
  • Misters or drippers for pots and hanging baskets.
  • Pop-up sprinklers for your lawn.

For more great information on garden and lawn irrigation please download this handy Irrigation Planner from Neta. While we have many suppliers, Neta are one of the leaders in garden watering solutions and our go-to for quality and longevity.

Taking of your lawn

If you’re planning a new lawn, why not take the extra time to plan a bit of irrigation to go with it? Irrigation is a comparatively cheap addition to your project and it will make a world of difference to your long term maintenance program.

Irrigation, when installed correctly, can not only save you time but is in fact a water-wise solution, as there is less water wastage due to a more even and better-directed application.

To start, we map out your area, mark where each tap point is and understand what will be covered from each point. Once we have an idea of what areas need water and how much, we can decide where the best place would be to get that water from – mains or tank, and how much you’ll need.


Our plumbing services are trusted across Sydney. Ask about the Pro Plumber Guarantee – fixed right or you don’t pay.



With years of renovation and new home build experience, Pro Plumber are your go-to for home plumbing installation. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, gardens.

Leak Detection

Pro Plumber have expert leak detection technicians which means we find the source of the problem without having to dig or destroy anything.

Leaking Tap

That constant "drip, drip" sound! It's enough to drive anyone mad. Not only is it torture on the mind, it's also probably wasting a lot of water and costing you money.

Toilet Repair

No one likes a toilet that doesn't work. It makes things kind of awkward, especially when you have friends over. Impress your friends, get your toilet fixed.

Blocked Drain

We get it, blocked drains are annoying. It seems like the water still goes down the drain but it takes an eternity and, in the meantime, the slightest use means your sink, shower or toilet overflows.

Gas Plumbing

You know that saying, "cooking with gas"? It's popular for a reason. One of the best ways to cook, heat your home and produce hot water, is with gas. Pro Plumber installs but also repairs gas plumbing systems.

Hot Water

Who doesn't like hot water!? We're not saying a cold shower isn't required from time to time but we really appreciate hot water - especially in Winter. Also, it helps clean things way better than just cold on its own.

Water Filter

Mmm clean water, free from nasties that upset tummies and leave you on the toilet for hours. You'll also save the environment and the hit to your hip pocket when you don't have to buy plastic bottles.

Gutters & Downpipes

Properly running, leaf-free gutters and downpipes are such a wondrous thing to us plumbers. This ensures the water flows away from your property or into a rainwater tank for later use. It's also safer in bushfire season.


Cracks in roof tiles suck in a big way. It's one of those things you don't notice until it's too late and the damage has been done. Lucky your Pro Plumber has plenty of experience with this kind of thing and can sort it out in no time.

Rising Damp

Yuck! Not only does rising damp make for a very sick house and inhabitants, if left for too long it can become a very costly problem to fix. It's best to get onto this before you have to sell a kidney to save your house.

Pipe Repair

There's nothing more satisfying for a Pro Plumber than repairing an existing pipe and saving our customers money they might have otherwise been encouraged to spend by someone suggesting entirely new pipes.


You know the coolest thing? Being able to water your garden without having to lift a finger! Even better, is controlling it with your phone. Ask us how we can automate your watering system.

Subsoil Drainage

Keeping water away from your house, especially under it, is actually way more important to the health and safety of a property than most people think. It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it.

Annual Inspection

Preventing problems BEFORE they occur is the name of the game here. If you sign up to our annual inspection program, we can keep on top of issues before they become costly.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater tanks are compulsory for all new home builds and there are two main reasons why - they save us money and reduce the burden on the local water system and helping the environment.


We love what we do and it shows. Have a read of some of the reviews and feedback we’ve received from our customers…

Great Service!

Great service and friendly staff.

B. Murray


Fixed, Same Day

We had water leaking throughout our bathroom. Chris, the Pro Plumber, came out for free and was able to work out where it was coming from within minutes. They fixed the problem and were done the same day.

A. Bellamy

Dolls Point

Highly Recommended

I found Pro Plumber on Facebook and messaged them for a quote to renovate my bathroom. Chris was friendly, professional and did a great job. We’re really happy with the result and highly recommend Pro Plumber to all our friends and family now.

S. Talegio


Clean, quick and no hassle

These guys are great! Can’t recommend them highly enough. Such nice people and get the job done properly. They’re clean, quick and no hassle to deal with. The best thing was, I knew exactly what the job would cost me before they did the work. Nice not to have any financial surprises. My last experience with a plumber was horrible. I’ll definitely use Pro Plumber again.

L. Ward


Fixed my blocked toilet

I called Chris from Pro Plumber for a quote to fix my blocked toilet. He was at our place the same afternoon and fixed the toilet in no time at all. He then offered a free inspection of the rest of my bathroom plumbing and found an issue with the drainage system. We booked in a return visit within days and he fixed that too. Such a great service and not as expensive as I thought it would be.

R. Symes



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We’re here to help. If you want immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to send a text or call…


If you prefer email, feel free to send a message to…


For all the latest news, special offers, insights, tips & tricks for plumbing and renovation, follow us…




We’re here to help. If you want immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to send a text or call…


If you prefer email, feel free to send a message to…


For all the latest news, special offers, insights, tips & tricks for plumbing and renovation, follow us…