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11 Signs Your Home Requires A Pro Plumber Drain Replacement Service

Get your drains unblocked and in perfect working order with this list of 11 signs your home requires a pro plumber drain replacement service.

Plumbing is one of the most important systems in your home. Without a properly functioning plumbing system, you wouldn’t have access to clean water, hot showers, or even the ability to use the toilet.

Drains are an integral part of the plumbing system. A drain is the main way that dirty water and waste are moved away from your home. Located throughout your home, drains operate similarly to how rivers all eventually lead to the ocean – drains eventually lead to the sewer.

The sewer line leads from your home to Sydney’s public sewage lines. This part of the plumbing system often goes unnoticed. That is of course until something goes wrong! Generally, drain issues sneak up on a homeowner. The signs often don’t seem like a huge deal. Left unaddressed, clogs, cracks, and leaks can cause water damage or flooding. There are many subtle signs of a clogged or damaged drain. To discover what these are, here are 11 signs your home requires a pro plumber drain replacement service.

1. Bad Odours 

Is there an unpleasant smell coming from your sink? Whether it smells like rotten food or sewage, this means you either need professional cleaning or a drain replacement service. There are several reasons why bad smells are coming from your plumbing:

  • Clogged kitchen sink: Over time, rotten food that wasn’t flushed down the sink will start deteriorating and emit an unpleasant smell. Other debris that gets caught in your drains can also cause a bad smell, such as hair, soap, or grease.
  • Clogged main sewer line: If the sewer line is blocked, you’ll smell waste and sewage. Your sewer line can become blocked by broken pipes, debris and, more commonly, tree roots.

2. Slow Drains

Sinks, tubs and showers that are slow to empty indicate a clog. Food, hair, soap, grease, and other debris become trapped and block water. Sometimes, this can suggest something more serious, like a backed-up sewer line; especially if you see waste coming out of your drains.

3. Leaking 

Leaks are never a good sign. They can happen anywhere in your home and are often caused by water backing up in your pipes due to a clog. Check underneath your sink to see if there’s any dampness or pooling of water that might indicate a leak.

4. Corroded Pipes

While a little rust may not seem like a big deal, the issue with corrosion is that it’ll worsen over time. Pipes are designed to last anywhere from a decade to a century. Depending on the material though, corrosion can still happen. Any kind of metal is corrosive and susceptible to rust. Iron pipes will rust and copper will corrode when exposed to chlorine, which is found in our water. Eventually, the pipes will break and cause anything from leaks to floods.

5. Pooling Water

Anytime there’s water pooling in or near your home, there’s a problem. Water is meant to stay within pipes. If it’s in areas where it shouldn’t be, call your Pro Plumber to enquire about our drain replacement services. Common areas where water might pool include:

  • The front or back lawn
  • Around the tub or shower
  • Under the kitchen sink, dishwasher and washing machine

6. Lawn Puddles

Do patches of your lawn look lusher than other areas? While it might be great to see healthy grass, this could actually be a sign that you have a drain problem. Sewage acts as a fertiliser, which may make your lawn happy but could also indicate your sewer has ruptured. Another sign of a broken sewer line is if there are unusual puddles in your yard, especially if those puddles smell bad.

7. Pests

Much like how your yard might enjoy the extra fertiliser from a leaking sewer, so do rodents and insects. If mice, rats, or flies are infesting your yard where there were none before, check on the sewer line. While the bad news is that sewage is leaching into your yard, the good news is that a drain replacement service with Pro Plumber can fix it. This will deter insects and rodents and ensure the issue doesn’t get worse.

8. Water Stains

Often a sign of a leak or flood is if you notice water stains but no actual water. This is because it’s already dried. While it might not seem like a little water damage is a big deal, stains are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to plumbing. You only notice a small problem but there’s a serious issue happening below the surface that you can’t see. 

9. Increased Water Bill 

Has your water bill gone up recently? If it’s steadily increasing each pay period, there might be a plumbing problem somewhere in your home. The issue could be anything from a leaking pipe to a problem with the supply line.

A sudden spike in your bill means a significant amount of water is leaking somewhere in your house or yard. The water could be pooling under your home, so you won’t see the problem straight away.

10. Toilet Problems

There are a couple of issues with your toilet that indicate a blocked sewer line. While it might just seem like the problem is isolated to the toilet, remember the entire plumbing system is connected. A toilet that won’t flush properly, seems clogged for no reason or is making funny noises are all signs you need to call your local Pro Plumber.

For instance, don’t ignore the following problems:

  • Gurgling toilet: Toilets aren’t supposed to gurgle. If you hear it gurgling or notice bubbles in the toilet, there’s a blocked pipe somewhere. The clog is inhibiting air from flowing freely and pushing it back up into the toilet instead of down the drain.
  • Water comes up while flushing: Everyone knows that the point of a toilet is to flush waste away, not to have it come back up. When you flush the toilet and water backs up (or comes up the shower, tub or sink), that’s a sign there’s an issue with your sewer. Often, tree roots are to blame for a serious sewer line clog.

11. Low Pressure

Has your water pressure dropped recently? This is another plumbing concern that might not seem like a huge problem but actually indicates a greater issue. Clogged drains are the most likely culprit for low water pressure. When a pipe gets clogged, the blockage makes it harder for water to flow through pipes. Since the water can’t flow at its correct capacity, the pressure is affected.

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