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8 Of The Most Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems are part and parcel of owning or renting a home or business, and some are more common than others. 

Sometimes the cause of everyday plumbing problems is evident and easily fixed, other times it requires more urgent expert attention. 

We have compiled a list of the eight most common plumbing problems, and what the most common causes are. 

1. Leaking taps 

Leaking taps are one of the most common plumbing problems, and one that is easily fixed by a qualified plumber. The cause of a leaky tap is usually down to a broken, worn out or wrongly-sized or fit washer, or an O-ring that has fallen into disrepair. Replacing these can usually be done in minutes. 

2. Hot water system problems 

Malfunctioning hot water systems usually come in the form of leaks, strange smells, water not heating properly, lack of hot water or even water that is too hot. A noisy system or a sharp increase in your power bills can also indicate trouble with your hot water system. It is important that you contact a qualified plumber at the onset of any issues with your system to avoid a bigger problem forming. 

3. Leaking or blocked toilets 

We’ve all dealt with a blocked or leaking toilet, and it is always inconvenient. Blocks can be caused by the toilet trap, vent or sewer line being blocked by waste or toilet paper, lack of water in the tank or build-up of hard water. Older model toilets are more prone to blocks and leaks than newer ones. If a go-around with a trusty plunger doesn’t do the trick, your issue may be more serious and it’s then time to call in a plumber. 

4. Blocked drains 

Depending on the drain that is blocked in your home, the cause may be obvious. For instance, the most common reason for a blocked shower drain is usually hair buildup, outdoor drains can easily be blocked by dirt or plants and kitchen drain blocks are usually caused by food waste. Sometimes, drains can also be blocked as a result of disrepair or low water flow. Drain crystals or plunging may do the trick, but if they don’t, it’s time to call in the big guns. 

5. Broken pipes 

Household pipes can break due to a range of reasons. In winter, they can freeze and break under the pressure. Blockages can also lead to breaks, and sometimes, it’s simply down to pipes being old and worn out. Pipe issues are always a task for a qualified plumber, and one you want to rectify early to avoid more widespread and costly issues developing. 

6. Smelly drains and sinks 

Do you have a bad-smelling drain or sink in your home? Nobody wants to live like that! Stinky drains are commonly caused by bacteria forming on food waste or debris, and can lead to mould. These odours can be made worse by moist or warm environments. The issue can also be caused by more complex issues down the pipe. 

7. Bubbling paint 

Bubbling paint may not appear to the uninitiated as a plumbing problem that needs urgent attention, but it can be. A leak behind your wall or ceiling can result in bubbling or peeling paint, and almost always leads to mould. Bubbling paint can also be common in rooms that are prone to high moisture – ie. the bathroom or laundry. Be safe and have a qualified plumber attend your property to assess the cause. 

8. Unnatural water colour 

If you turn on your tap and your usually-clear water supply is instead replaced with discoloured or cloudy water, this is a common plumbing problem. Discoloured water usually indicates an issue with your pipes, and is almost always caused by sediment. Sometimes this situation rectifies itself quickly, but if it continues, it requires rapid attention from a registered plumber. 

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