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5 Current Sydney Bathroom Design Trends

Achieve the hottest bathroom in town with our favourite Sydney bathroom design trends…

2023 is fast approaching, and with it, a new frontier in bathroom design trends. A shift towards clean, uncluttered and natural bathrooms has become popular across Australia. Thankfully, this simple-to-achieve yet aesthetically pleasing trend seems here to stay. 

Looking for inspiration on how to transform your bathroom into a zen yet on-trend oasis? 

Pro Plumber have you covered. 


Concrete is no longer seen as cold or clinical in home design, and concrete interiors are the hottest new home design trend. They are commonly found across kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Concrete tiling doesn’t just look sophisticated and timeless. It’s also a highly practical option for your bathroom. 

Concrete can’t be damaged by water, and is easy to keep clean, making it ideal for high-humidity areas like your bathroom. You also don’t need to waterproof concrete tiling beyond the main shower area. Concrete showers look gorgeous, as do sinks, basins and splashbacks. Of course, in the cooler months, concrete can be cold underfoot. However, there are heating options available. Finally, concrete is often more cost-effective and less of a pricey investment than ceramic. You can’t lose with concrete! 


Rain showers have been one of the most popular bathroom design additions for years, and their popularity isn’t waning. They add a distinctly tranquil atmosphere to any bathroom. Their larger size than regular shower heads allows for a more water volume that feels like – yep – rainfall! This however, doesn’t generally use much more water than a standard shower head. 

Rainfall showers are available in a range of styles, sizes and finishes to suit your own home. These include square or round heads, double rain shower heads, ceiling mounted heads and chrome, rose gold or even sleek black finishes.  


Spaces that feel natural and alive are more popular than ever, as home owners switch to more sustainable, greener lifestyles. As a result, plants are finding their way into the bathroom more and more, and are an affordable bathroom design trend that can transform a space easily. Whether you desire a jungle-esque bathroom or a few simple leafy additions, the bathroom is a good space to add some greenery. 

Many indoor plant species thrive in humidity, and the steam emitted from your bathroom will provide them with the right environment to grow big and strong. Just make sure they have ample drainage and regularly receive sunlight. The addition of plants to a space is proven to increase relaxation and boost your overall sense of well-being. This is just what you need when relaxing in your beautiful bathroom. The best bathroom plants include spider plants, philodendrons, ficuses, ferns and Ivy.  


Freestanding baths have never been a more popular bathroom design trend. Something about them musters up an old-fashioned comfort, and of course, they are considerably roomier and more comfortable than standard baths. 

Freestanding baths are an investment, but one that will stand the test of time. They are available in many styles and sizes, including back-to-wall designs for those lacking space, to freestanding baths that stand alone in the bathroom. These are a true statement piece that you’ll love. Claw-foot freestanding baths add extra nostalgic elegance, while many are available with flat bases. Some have ultra modern taps, others floor-mounted or antique tapware. On-trend freestanding bath colours include white, chrome, rose gold or even in brigh pops of colour like blue or yellow.  


Creating a spa-like aesthetic within your bathroom will never go out of style. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops vanities and crowded storage options, and say hello to wide open, clear spaces, well-thought-out and space-maximising storage alternatives. Not to mention a serene environment that feels like you are treating yourself to a spa day – every day. 

All of our aforementioned design trends seamlessly blend into a spa-inspired bathroom. Incorporate high-quality, plush towels, space-saving caddies or cabinets that keep the floor clear, stock up on beautiful toiletries made from natural ingredients and materials and achieve peak bliss in your new bathroom. 

Pro Plumber are leaders in bathroom renovations in Sydney, as well as alternations and new builds. Contact our friendly team today to kickstart your dream bathroom renovation.