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The Essential Summer Plumbing Checklist

Get your plumbing into tip-top shape before the heat hits with our essential summer plumbing checklist.

Many people mistakenly believe that winter is the season that your plumbing is most under pressure, but in fact, summer can wreak havoc on your plumbing systems – particularly if you aren’t prepared.

Blocked drains, leaking taps, malfunctioning washing machines and clogged gutters. Many things can go wrong during the summer and at the most inconvenient time. 

Before the summer temperatures soar, now is the time to make your way through our summer plumbing checklist. 

1. Fix leaking taps 

Your taps will get a workout this summer, both inside and outside the home. Whether it’s filling the freezer with ice cubes and the fridge with cold water, washing salty swimwear or connecting your hose to water the garden, a leaking or dripping tap wastes water, adds to your water bill and is quite simply an irritation. Check your taps before summer kicks off, and if need be, have a plumber tighten or replace leaking or broken taps. 

2. Inspect Your washing machine

You may find that you use your washing machine more in summer than ever, as clothes need to be washed more regularly, and often they are soiled with sand, salt water and other things brought into your home from the great outdoors. Have your washing machine serviced to ensure it is functioning at optimal capacity all summer.

3. Unblock drains 

A blocked drain is always frustrating, but maybe never more so than during summer when showering more often is common, watering the garden is a necessity and every drain in your home is working overtime. Unblocking your drains for a free flow of water should be a priority on your summer plumbing checklist. 

4. Check your gas lines 

One of the many pleasures of summer is the classic Aussie BBQ, and to ensure you can use the barbie to your heart’s content – and for your safety – a full barbecue service is imperative. Check all hoses, pipes and lines for leaks or contact a licensed gas plumber for a thorough job that will put your mind at ease. 

5. Clear out gutters and pipes

A thorough clean out of your gutters and downpipes at the onset of summer clears out debris, makes sure that water is flowing freely and is a preventative measure against potential flooding or damage from summer rains. This act is particularly crucial if you live in fire-prone areas. 

6. Adjust your hot water system 

We all use less hot water in summer as temperatures soar and a cool, refreshing shower is the order of the day. Your hot water system generally doesn’t need to be set to the high temperatures it would be throughout the rest of the year, and adjusting this will not only save you on your power bills but preserve resources and strain on the grid. 

7. Install a water-saving showerhead 

Switching to a water-saving showerhead before summer hits means that you’ll be doing your bit for the preservation of this precious resource without having to limit those cool and refreshing showers. Good-quality water-saving shower heads limit the flow of water without sacrificing the water pressure you are accustomed to. 

8. Check hoses and sprinklers 

Summer is peak season for hose and sprinkler use and a long winter of non-use can mean debris builds up and leaks spring. A broken or malfunctioning system can spell disaster for your garden and outdoor spaces. Run a check of your outdoor plumbing, including hoses and sprinklers, or replace them with new water-saving systems that are better for the planet and for your water bill.   

9. Keep your pool clean 

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, you’ll know that keeping it clean is a top priority in summer when it sees constant use. Keeping your pool clean and covered between uses minimises water loss and chemical use, as well as limiting the time spent cleaning your pool – so more time to enjoy it! 

10. Service your cooler 

Do you rely on your air conditioner or cooler to get you through the long, hot summer? Before the hot weather hits is prime time to have your unit serviced. This will ensure it is performing reliably for the many hot months ahead. A broken or malfunctioning cooler is a hassle in summer, particularly when technicians are run off their feet. 

Pro Plumber can take care of your summer plumbing checklist for you. Our team provide qualified and quality plumbing services in Sydney, including repairs, servicing and maintenance. Call us today on 0421 779 324 or contact us here to book your summer plumbing job with one of our friendly technicians.